August  15 2020: Statement from BACKDOOR about the impact of Covid-19 (the Coronavirus) on BACKDOOR.

Covid-19 has humbled many event organisers in recent months. We're saddened but unbroken. We will celebrate Amsterdam Pride, life, liberty, individuality, self-acceptance and inclusivity on Sunday August 16th in a live online broadcast.  Join us on our Facebook page from 5 - 7pm as we dance and party with DJ Inshane and BACKDOOR resident DJ Diego Summers.

Our alternative Pride get-together will include music, dans, photo-exhibition and drag-theater featuring of course the famous BACKDOOR Boys together with 50 specially selected regular BACKDOOR guests. This, you don't want to miss!


March 23 2020: Statement from BACKDOOR about the impact of Covid-19 (the Coronavirus) on BACKDOOR.

Today the government announced that all events in the Netherlands must be cancelled until June 1st. It's sad news but perfectly understandable. Safety first! Our Kings Day Weekend event on April 24th is therefore cancelled. All ticket holders for this event will be automatically refunded. You don't need to do anything. Please give the ticketing organisations (Gaygo and Ticketmaster) enough time to organise repayments. They are very busy. Refunds should be paid into your bank account by the middle of April.

The next BACKDOOR event is scheduled for Friday July 31st (Amsterdam Pride Weekend).

Please follow the advice from your national department of health. This includes:

1. Stay home as much as possible. Only go outside if you need to work, or for visits to supermarkets, or for physical excercise. If you go outside, go alone.

2. Wash your hands often and maintain at least 1,5 meter distance from everybody.

3. Don't shake hands with anybody. Touching elbows is our new sign of affection!

4. If you sneeze, do it in your elbow or into a disposable handkerchief (and then throw that handkerchief away).


MARCH 19 2020: Statement from BACKDOOR about the impact of Covid-19 (the Coronavirus) on BACKDOOR.

The world is changing rapidly from day to day and major (music) events in April, May and June are being cancelled.  The way things are looking right now, it is unlikely that the planned BACKDOOR event on April 24th will take place. But miracles do happen! Keep the faith.

We are therefore suspending ticket sales for the event on April 24th. It will be impossible to buy any more tickets. We are doing this to protect you from purchasing tickets for an event that - at the moment - looks like being cancelled. If by some chance we get the go ahead to party on April 24th, we will resume ticket sales. If not, all tickets purchased so far for that event will be refunded. If you have any questions, just send us an email:

Stay indoors and stay safe!


MARCH 12 2020: Statement from BACKDOOR about the impact of Covid-19 (the Coronavirus) on BACKDOOR.

Our next planned event will take place on Friday April 24th 2020. Like everyone else, we too are monitoring the situation to see if these plans must change.

Now is the time for solidarity. It's important to work together and do the sensible things to protect ourselves, our friends and our families. 

At BACKDOOR we take our responsibility seriously. We will of course immediately follow any directions which are given by the dutch government. As of today (March 12th), all events with more than 100 people will be cancelled until March 31st. If this date is extended to cover our event on April 24th, then this will mean automatically that our next event will take place on Friday July 31st (Amsterdam Pride). In that case, all tickets bought for April 24th will be refunded. If the date is not extended, and no other restrictions are announced, then BACKDOOR will go ahead on April 24th as planned.

This page will be updated with any news in relation to Covid-19 and the planned party on April 24th. You can also keep an eye on our social media pages for any updates, but this page will contain the most up-to-date information.

Stay safe, be kind to others, and we hope to see you again on April 24th, or when this virus is no longer news.

BACKDOOR Amsterdam


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